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Prices & Values

How much is worth?

It is the first and fundamental question that needs to be answered well when you decide to invest in an action and a company. The answer? From the experience of one of the most dynamic investment teams, all you have to understand about investing in quotes companies. A work that answers many other open questions and issues:

  • Why are everyone talking about stagnation and crisis while the major financial markets are at the top?
  • How do methods of evaluation in digital time and zero rates change?
  • Is the bubble risk on bond prices more or less strong than the one on the shares?
  • Is it true that market volatility is collapsing, or is it the reverse?
  • How do the millennial consumption, aging populations and sustainability focus affect the future budgets of companies?
  • Is it logical that the Silicon Valley Unicorns are up to 70 times their revenue?
  • How do you have to invest your savings?

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